Equine PEMF Therapy

Offering PEMF Therapy for horses in the comfort of your own barn.

Full-body wellness application- Your horse will enjoy a head to tail PEMF therapy session, reducing bodily inflammation, improving oxygenation, and improving circulation. $90.00 (includes one spot treatment for an area that may need more concentration)

Hoof application- Geared to your horse's hooves only, this application is designed specifically to promote comfort for ailments such as laminitis, navicular disease, abscesses, stone bruises, etc. Two treatment modes available (hoof paddle and hoof box) to cater to the needs and comfort of your horse. $50.00

NEW Horse & Rider package- Save when you book a full-body wellness session package for your horse AND yourself. The sessions must be booked for the same day, and will both take place at your farm. $130.00 (includes one spot treatment for horse and rider on an area that may need more concentration)

All prices subject to HST

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