About Us

Using Pulse Electromagnetic Field therapy, Magna-Care encompasses a natural approach to help horses' and pets' bodies function at an optimal level.

A little bit about the science behind Pulse Electromagnetic Field therapy and how it works.

PEMF works by improving functioning at the cellular and molecular level through distributing gentle electromagnetic pulses throughout the body. Simply put, it enhances the body's natural ability to heal itself through detoxifying each and every cell in the body, leading to improved circulation, improved oxygenation of all bodily tissues, and reduced inflammation throughout the entire body. Consider it a "cellular massage" if you will. Due to its positive effects on cellular functioning, the body is able to operate more efficiently, which can lead to better bodily functioning, better pain management, and added comfort in everyday living.

Across horses and pets, PEMF Therapy is beneficial for overall wellness and supporting performance related functioning for those athletic types. Further, it is excellent in helping with sensitivities relating to arthritis, fractures, soft tissue injuries, abscesses, digestion, post-operative wound management, systemic illnesses, anxiety and depression, to name a few.

There have been over 2,000 double blind medical studies conducted, documenting the many positive effects of PEMF therapy, relating to neurological health, psychological health, and physiological health. It is, without a doubt, a wonderful compliment to any health regime for your horse and/or your pet.

Our team

  • Cait - Owner

    Certified MagnaWave PEMF Therapy Practitioner

Service Area

GTA and surrounding areas

Our History

Welcome to Magna-Care, where the primary goal is to bring added physical comfort to those animals and people in need.

I'm Cait; owner of Magna-Care, certified MagnaWave PEMF practitioner, and avid animal enthusiast/owner. My business journey is one that is backed by personal experience, through medical challenges that myself and my canine/equine family have endured over recent years. I wanted to explore a way to bring additional comfort to my pets and family members during medically demanding times, which lead to the launch of Magna-Care. And what better way to utilize my skills as a practitioner, than by offering services to help others as well.

Magna-Care was formed on the basis of creating a calming and comforting experience for all clients while PEMF Therapy helps their bodies function more efficiently. While operating fully insured and certified, we are located in rural Milton, offering a cozy in-clinic experience for the small animal kind. Alternatively, we will gladly conduct mobile visits to your home, with outdoor sessions being an option as well. For those requiring equine services, we will gladly travel to your farm to conduct treatments. To ensure safe practicing for ourselves and all clients, we are following strict Covid-19 guidelines during sessions. Our primary service area is the GTA and surrounding cities. Please contact us to inquire about whether we service your specific area. I look forward to hearing from you!

What our customers are saying…

  • Our 115 pound Bernese Mountain Dog Guinness is so anxious about dog grooming that we have to have in-home grooming on our bed! He had his first PEMF THERAPY session with Cait last night and today, he slept through his grooming session.

    Heather D.


  • She hasn’t moved this good in a long time. So low and relaxed and open. Very relaxed and really stretching!

    Daiana G.

    Milton, ON.